Tap into the Double sink trend

q1wParticularly in newer and larger homes, an additional sink in the master bathroom is becoming a mainstream option – particularly those with sizable spaces.

You can be sure that there is more to the trend than just being able to add more beautiful bathroom taps and sinks to your home. Such benefits include:


Double access

The main purpose for having double sinks is simple: couples that share the bathroom can use the area at the same time. In modern times where it is common that both partners are leading busy lives, this will provide greater efficiency in your daily routines.

Personal space

You can say goodbye to hovering around the bathroom sink and turning on and off each other’s taps. You can also forget spitting toothpaste on your partner’s hand while washing up ever again. In fact, you won’t even have to stare at your partner’s toothpaste residue building up on your bathroom taps. When you are living with a partner, sometimes you see more than you wished to see of them. So having two sets of bathroom sinks, taps and faucets can help keep some individuality between a couple.

A double sink does sound great at this point doesn’t it? But before you jump right into it, you will need to consider these trade-offs as well:


A double sink will come with additional costs to a single one. Such costs will stem from plumbing work, tap finishes, and a larger or extra vanity.


Do you have enough room to add another basin or install an extended one? You will also need to consider the areas above and below the counter for your basin – including the under-cabinet space for double drain pipes. The two basins will also need a certain amount of space between them. Allowing 30 centimetres between the basins should be enough to keep partners from banging elbows with each other.


From selecting a vanity to the tap finish to use – there are various details to decide on with your partner. You can install a pre-fabricated two-sink vanity, or extend your existing basin, just so there is enough room for an extra faucet and tap set. Alternatively, you can have completely separate vanities and basins or freestanding pedestal sinks as well.

You could go as far as to have a different set for each partner but this is not recommended. For a beautiful bathroom, it is best that you agree as a couple from start to finish with your project. A double sink can bring great benefits in efficiency and comfort for you and your partner if it is suitable for your home. If you need some inspiration, check out Phoenix Tapware and their range of bathroom taps for a start. They have a range of modern and sleek tapware for various styles of designer homes.